How Nespresso’s interactive welcome hub boosted engagement and decreased bounce rate

The Challenge

For people around the world, coffee is an integral part of their daily routine. For some, a quiet coffee break can be the best part of their day. For most, high-quality coffee at home means Nespresso, so it’s no surprise that the name is synonymous with creativity, innovation, and customer experience.

Whether in-store or online, Nespresso customers know to expect exceptional coffees and machines, and premium services tailored to their preferences. Nespresso’s in-person boutiques provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and reflect the brand’s core values, with different areas dedicated to coffee sampling, experiencing the full range of Nespresso’s coffee machines, capsules, and accessories, and knowledgeable Coffee Specialists to help customers at each step of their journey.


COVID-19 drove a record for at-home coffee drinking and led many to purchase new coffee machines. With boutiques shut down globally, new customers couldn’t enjoy the brand’s marquee in-store experience to explore fresh aromas and flavors, so Nespresso set out to bring that same sense of discovery into the home.



“We conducted an internal assessment to map what we were currently doing for our new members and realised that the automated onboarding email program we had in place was not enough to gain their loyalty; customers wanted more. We understood that to tackle our early churn challenge, we must completely reinvent our way to welcome and onboard our new customers along their first year of membership, to expose them to the brand and its services and experiences.”

—Michela Cocco, Customer Experience Manager at Nespresso

“Our ambition was to go from an automated onboarding email program to a digital journey supported by signature moments in order to restore the brand’s magic, elevate the new member experience and deliver added value to make our members happy to choose us again and again.”

—Andrea Pilutti, Head of Product Design at Nespresso

The eko Solution

  • Welcome to Nespresso

    Welcome to Nespresso, an eko-powered virtual hub where Nespresso customers are greeted by a personal coffee assistant who guides them through an interactive video journey where they can:

    • Learn about Nespresso machines
    • Find recommendations based on their personal coffee preferencesDiscover the craftsmanship and dedication behind Nespresso coffee
    • Find out more about Nespresso’s sustainability credentials
    • Explore and shop products
    • Jump on a one-on-one video call with Nespresso’s coffee experts (launching with the Austria experience December 2021)

    The Welcome to Nespresso hub provides answers to common questions and enables each customer to define their journey based on their interests.

The Results

  • 19.1%

    Engagement Rate (+60% above organic traffic benchmark)

  • 3.28min

    avg. view duration

  • 11.54%

    decrease in bounce rate

Silver Award Winner at the “International Customer Experience Awards 2021” in the category of “Best Digital Customer Experience” (for a company over 5,000 employees) - 3 markets: Germany, UK and Austria.

“Based on the pilot’s results, we are already mapping the future of the hub and how to scale this interactive and personalized solution globally. We have recently launched the Austrian version and we are currently about to launch it in Brazil. The “Welcome to Nespresso” hub is conceived to offer a much more simplified and personalized customer experience, by really guiding the consumer before and after the purchase. Our ambition has always been to think beyond customer centricity: our goal is to provide a human-centric experience.”

—Bruno Figueiredo, Global Ecommerce Content Product Owner at Nespresso

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