Try and Buy

The Challenge

Making purchases online still feels riskier than making them in-store. When nothing compares to actually trying a product before you buy it, online shopping is always at a disadvantage.


The Product Detail Page (PDP)—the place you go to actually buy something online—is overdue for an upgrade. Without the ability to see and touch a product for themselves, shoppers can spend endless hours researching, only to abandon their cart in frustration. Not to mention, online orders are twice as likely to be returned than in-store buys, torching hundreds of billions of dollars a year in lost revenue.

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In 2020, aware of the need to innovate on PDPs, Walmart was also facing the acceleration of e-commerce caused by COVID-19, with hosts of customers turning to online shopping for their everyday needs. The bottom line: they needed a way to let shoppers try products online before they purchased them.

The eko Solution

Let shoppers try products online before they purchase them

Eko identified their Try & Buy solution as a way for Walmart to supercharge PDPs. These delightfully interactive product demos allow users to “unbox” and test products without leaving the product page, improving customer engagement and purchase confidence.

The Results

Over the course of six months, eko’s Try & Buy demos were attached to more than 500 products on, showcasing the newest offerings from brands like Microsoft, Samsung, and Black & Decker. Customers have organically interacted with Try & Buys more than 1,000,000 times, spending an average of 1 minute 45 seconds with each experience, with the average user interacting 6 times. Most dramatically, the data shows customers who play with a Try & Buy have up to a 40% higher add-to-cart rates compared to customers who only watched a traditional linear video.

  • 500

    Try & Buys live on

  • 40%

    higher add-to-cart rates compared to linear product videos

  • 1M+

    organic engaged views

“At Walmart, we have always believed there is intrinsic value in exploring new ways to use technology to improve the e-commerce experience. We are pleased to bring our customers unique innovative experiences such as eko’s interactive Try & Buy videos, which enable customers to see products in action, test core features, and learn about key benefits online, ultimately giving them the confidence to buy online. After the success of a phased test, we are excited to offer our Supplier partners the opportunity to add Try & Buys to their product pages on”

Justin Breton, Director of Brand Experiences and Partnerships, Walmart

See what Try & Buys can do for your business.

Unlike other interactive video solutions on the market, eko’s are designed specifically for e-commerce, with proven templates backed by data from the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.