Episodes Creators
Tonia Beglari

Tonia Beglari, co-founder of Browntourage, has a background in social criticism and creative production and is now a M.F.A. in Interactive Media & Game Design at the University of Southern California.

Allison Comrie

Allison Comrie has an interest in game driven storytelling, interactive music, afrofuturism and has produced a thesis navigating women in games. Allison is also an IMGD M.F.A. at USC.

Jazmin Garcia

Jazmin Garcia is an independent filmmaker who has produced viral short videos exploring modern Xicano identity, music videos, and experimental shorts.

Emilia Yang

Emilia Yang is a PhD student from Nicaragua at the Media Arts + Practice program at the University of Southern California. Emilia's work uses playful critical media as a tactical political tool.

Luciana Chamorro

Luciana Chamorro is an Anthropology PhD candidate at Columbia University with a background in documentary filmmaking, currently researching revolutionary movements, popular politics and emotions.