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Cook St. Productions

Cook St. Productions has been making comedy videos for the Internet since 2011. Their content has been featured on the front page of Funny Or Die, and written about by Slate, The Onion A.V. Club, and Indiewire. Their first short film, Bunco, received an “Award of Merit” at INDIEFest in 2016, and their second short, Chowder, is an Official Selection at the 2017 Denver International Film Festival. Three of their 48-hour films (South Prussia Swim Club, Dangling Pines, and Jeff) have been “Best Of” selections in Denver, garnering awards like “Best Ensemble,” “Best Writing,” “Best Sound Design,” and “Second Runner-Up.” But who they really are is four guys (Evan, Justin, Nate, Travis) whose friendship spans 14 years, and whose shared comic sensibility transcends time in its traditional understanding.

Travis Lindner

Travis is the only member of Cook St. Productions who did not grow up in Maryland, which is his proudest achievement despite being a former Peace Corps volunteer and having a Masters in documentary filmmaking. He and Justin wrote, directed, and edited Bunco and Chowder, but please don’t tell the other guys. He has a beautiful she-dog named after Rooney Mara.

Justin Tyrrell

Justin is the second-tallest member of Cook St. Productions. He’s also the palest. After meeting Travis in film school at Emerson College, he settled into a lucrative accounting job before burning out at the tender age of 27. He legitimately believes he could make a living rapping if he just focused on that instead of comedy. He now lives in L.A., dogless, with Travis.

Nate Gust

Nate is the most masculine and friendly member of Cook St. Productions. He has a black lab, Miles, who freaks out around balls and large bodies of water. Although his formal training is in engineering, Nate doesn’t mind slumming it with his comedy friends, especially after starring in Bunco and taking on a producer role within Cook St.

Evan Sheppard

Evan is better at tennis than the other three members of Cook St. combined. He lives in Denver with Nate, his girlfriend Maggie, and a precious mastiff named Roscoe. He loves comedy, but would give it up in a second if it meant he could join the cast of Newsies. He often plays characters who dance or have a moustache, but never both.

“Chelsea Pembergrass”
Chelsea Bell

Chelsea Bell is an actress and model currently living in Denver, CO. She began her acting career doing theatre and musical theatre as a child and went on to appear in regional commercials and as background talent in films as an adult. She appears as the lead in the short films One Bed and Private Chat. Bell is currently studying with Benjy Dobrin at Benjy Dobrin Studios in Denver and has received training in on-camera auditioning, cold reading, improv, and voice over acting. She studied music performance in undergrad and was classically trained for opera and vocal jazz. She went on to obtain a Master of Arts Degree in speech language pathology, which she still practices part time. Born in South Korea, Bell was adopted at 3 months old and grew up in Eldora, Iowa. She is currently working on the short film Scary Lucy, a Project DU F.I.L.M.

“Mary Pembergrass”
Mary Jenifer Mitchell

Mary Jenifer Mitchell made her professional stage debut in Denver at the Trident Theater on South Gaylord Street in 1965 in “Stop the World I Want to Get Off.” Two years later she moved to NYC where she joined Tom Eyen’s Reparatory Company. Over the next ten years she appeared in original productions on stages at Café La Mama, Off Broadway and On Broadway in theaters including The Astor Place, and The Belasco Theater as well as the Duchess Theater in London’s West End. She spent a year on stage at the Village Gate in the original cast of “The National Lampoon’s Lemmings” sharing the stage with Christopher Guest, Chevy Chase, John Belushi, and Alice Playten. During the same ten years she worked with Milos Forman on a Film called “Taking Off” from which her performance of the song ‘Ode to A Screw’ can be seen on YouTube. Her face can be seen on SNL in Gilda Radner’s “Hey You” Perfume commercial. Next she moved to California where she graduated from Dick Grove’s School of Music in the Vocal Interpretation Program. And she shared the stage with Carry Snodgrass and Victor Buono at the Westwood Playhouse under the direction of Telly Savalas in “Play with Fire” by Dale Wasserman. She Co-starred in a TV movie of Tom Eyen’s “Dirtiest Show in Town” for Showtime TV and had a single line on General Hospital. After many years of family duty she recently returned to acting once again here in Denver. Watch for her on YouTube in her upcoming Bite-Sized-TV web series, “Not That You Asked”.

“Michael Pembergrass”
Michael Vasicek

Michael Vasicek hails from Boulder, Colorado. He is a graduate of the prestigious School of Hard Knocks at Universe University. After many years of acting in the theatre, he is now in recovery and specializing in film acting. He is an audiobook narrator and imaginary playmate. Currently, he is cultivating his inner curmudgeon and trying not to take himself too seriously.