How to Hang in Hanoi — According to YOU

The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi draws major tourism for its quaint but chaotic streets. The city is jam-packed with world-class shops, tailors, massages, cafes, street food, restaurants, and bars. Best of all, it can be experienced at any price point, which means you can see it all whether you’re budget-conscious or more luxury-loving. Click the choices as you voyage through this interactive experience, so you can hang in Hanoi your way, building an adventure that’s tailored to your individual preferences. Navigate the motorbike jam and discover old world charm, then escape the city for a taste of boat house life on a picture perfect bay. Did someone say “best trip ever”?

How to help

Many of the amazing businesses featured in this experience are now operating online, or raising money to support affected staff. We hope to see them IRL again soon, but in the meantime we’ve compiled some of their links below if you are interested in supporting their efforts.

(Please note eko has no relationship with the business and organizations in the lists presented below, and the charity list provided is simply representative of some of the work charities are doing during this time and how each of us can play a small part. Please always use caution and your own judgement when placing orders on external websites or donating to a charity.)

Support businesses featured in this video

Expand each section to see the places we visited in Hanoi, and discover ways to support.

  • LOADING T CAFE | Sip your brew in a hidden, jungley coffee haven | $
  • CAFE ĐINH | Get your caffeine fix next to locals in this laidback setting | $
  • SEREIN CAFE & LOUNGE | Discover Vietnamese cafe at its best inside or on the patio | $$$
  • THE HANOI SOCIAL CLUB | Multiple winding floors of cozy cafe seating | $$$
  • PHỞ THÌN | No-frills alley-side pho that draws crowds of in-the-know foodies | $
  • PHỞ XÀO PHÚ MỸ | Unassuming ambiance yields intensely flavorful pho | $
  • SPICES GARDEN | Fancied-up pho in a hotel restaurant | $$$
  • MADAME HIEN | Timeless elegance means decadent French-infused pho | $$$
  • PORTE D’ANNAM | Dressed up pre-fixe meals and rich pho in a quaint setting | $$$
  • HIGHWAY 4 | Take a cooking class at this tourist-friendly resto | $$$
  • CHICKEN STREET | A poultry lover’s paradise full of sizzling street food | $
  • BÁNH MÌ 25 | A go-to for as-good-as-it-gets bÁNH MÌ sandwiches | $
  • GREEN TANGERINE | Modern French-Vietnamese cuisine in a rustic chic setting | $$$
  • QUÁN ĂN NGON | A traditional market with all the Vietnamese mains you can hope for | $$$
  • CHẢ CÁ THĂNG LONG | One of many curbside restos where you grill your own dinner | $
    • BEER CORNER | With a name like “beer corner” you get the picture: bottom’s up! | $
    • CÀ PHÊ HAI BỐN | Pull up a seat outside at this quaint cocktail bar | $
    • TADIOTO | A chic whiskey bar that sets the mood for the evening | $$$
    • SUMMIT LOUNGE | A top-floor cocktail haven with brilliant views of the sunset — happy hour anyone? | $$$

    Support fundraising efforts in Hanoi and beyond

    A donation of any size can go a long way to helping those on the frontlines and the people hardest hit by the impact of COVID-19. Here are a few ways to help:

    • SAP-VN | Social Assistance Program For Vietnam





    About travel and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 crisis has affected all of us, and the travel and hospitality industries that make experiences like the ones seen in this show possible have been devastated.

    While we may have to wait to visit Hanoi, we hope this project helps you plan for a future when the city is back on its feet.

    For up to date travel advisories for residents of the US, visit the US State Department website. Those in other countries should consult with their local travel authority before traveling.