Take A Trip To Taipei, Your Way

What if we told you there’s a city built in the middle of lush rolling hills, that also has white sand beaches, and some of the best street food in Asia? Yep, we’d be booking our tickets, too. The destination? Taipei. It’s a cosmopolitan metropolis surrounded by bright green landscapes, crisscrossed with rushing rivers, and nestled against turquoise blue waters that would make the Caribbean blush. Still on the fence? Let us help you build your perfect itinerary for this under-the-radar gem. Navigate through Taiwan’s capital city by tapping on the choices as they appear: do you want to dine in a restaurant or venture through a night market? Try the hot springs or go for a happy hour cocktail? No matter what your style, this totally customizable virtual vacation has got you covered. So, watch, click, and spread the word about what to do in Taipei: and remember, you heard it here first.

How to help

Many of the amazing businesses featured in this experience are now operating online, or raising money to support affected staff. We hope to see them IRL again someday, but in the meantime we’ve compiled some of their links below if you are interested in supporting their efforts.

(Please note eko has no relationship with the business and organizations in the lists presented below, and the charity list provided is simply representative of some of the work charities are doing during this time and how each of us can play a small part. Please always use caution and your own judgement when placing orders on external websites or donating to a charity.)

Support businesses featured in this video

Expand each section to see the places we visited in Taipei, and discover ways to support.

  • OLD DOOR HOSTEL & BAR | A cozy and quiet little hostel with complimentary breakfast | $
  • SWIIO HOTEL XIMEN | Well-located digs in a hip hood with minimalist design | $
  • THE GRAND HOTEL | Dream accommodations for those willing to spend a bit more | $$$
  • HOTEL PROVERBS | Swanky digs with a rooftop pool and chic bar | $$$
  • MU JIAO XI HOTEL | Hunker down and warm up at this natural hot springs hotel | $$$
  • YOUBIKE | Rent a bike to see the city for yourself — just you and two wheels | $
  • THE FUTURO HOUSE | Abandoned UFO-style homes make for a fun day of exploring | $
  • NATIONAL CENTER FOR TRADITIONAL ARTS | Spend all day here watching shows and getting in on the action with traditional Taiwanese art classes | $
  • SKYLINE 460 | Taipei is all yours from the highest observation deck in Asia | $$$
  • NIU-TOU SI FARMER EXPERIENCE | A family friendly afternoon outside the city, you’ll learn about the land and its creatures | $
  • HIKE IN YILAN | Explore Taipei’s legendary landscapes with a self-guided hike in Yilan | $
  • ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN | Get your steps in with this scenic hike right in the heart of the city | $/$$$
  • MUSTANG PARAGLIDING CLUB | Calling all adreneline junkies! Soar high above the land and sea with just a guide and a parachute | $$$
  • TANGWEIGOU JIAOSI HOT SPRING PARK | Relax with the locals at this natural hot spring park an hour outside of Taipei | $
  • FISH SPA | A natural pedicure you’ll always remember, this treatment is not for the ticklish | $
  • WUFENGQI | Hike to a scenic waterfall to cool off in the mist and feel like you’re in another world | $
  • JOETSU HAIR SALON | Indulge in a low-cost shampoo massage that puts all other hair treatments to shame | $
  • SIX STAR FOOT MASSAGE CO. | You could spend all day relaxing in this veritable massage palace | $
  • AWAY SPA | Book a treatment for an indulgent and relaxing afternoon at the W Hotel | $$$
  • THE SPA BY SOCIE | All your favorite spa treatments in one place means a full day of serenity | $$$
  • ANCIENT ART OF KNIFE THERAPY EDUCATION CENTER | Discover Eastern remedies like knife massages (yes, really!) at this far out consultancy | $$$
  • ESLITE BOOKSTORE | The ultimate bookstore with small gifts and a 24-hour location for all-night shoppers | $
  • AY-CHUNG FLOUR-RICE NOODLE | Don’t let the lines discourage you, this food stall is popular for a reason | $
  • ADDICTION AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT | Upscale food markets meets a restaurant with a fresh supermarket, all the answers to your grumbling stomach | $$$
  • DIN TAI FUNG | Snag a seat at the original location of this international dumpling mecca | $
  • FORMOSA CHANG | This family owned popular beef noodle spot is comfort food at an affordable price | $
  • MODERN TOILET | You decide: Does this hoaky instagram resto make you want to thumbs up or flush? | $
  • BEIMEN FENG LIBING | For a little something sweet with local flavors, swing by after dinner time | $
  • DON BU DON | A delicious Japanese-inspired resto where you watch the chefs cook from your counter seat | $$$
  • FUJI FISHING HARBOR | A fish market and restaurant all in one this place serves up your catch of the day | $$$
  • CHIOU HWA | Peking duck lovers rejoice! This traditional spot gets every iteration right | $$$
  • SHIN-ZHAO | A 24-hour unique food-and-beer experience where you catch and eat your own shrimp | $
  • PIN XIAN (STIR-FRY) | Late night stir fry that bustles (and sizzles!) until the early morning | $
  • SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE WALKING TOUR | Get up close and personal with one of the world’s most iconic buildings | $
  • SYDNEY TOWER EYE SKYWALK | A city view from the top of it all, this climb will really give you a lay of the land | $
  • TARONGA ZOO | Australia is known for its animals but at this beautiful zoo, you’ll get to know them intimately | $
  • SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE CLIMB | An adventerous and unique way to get to know Sydney’s iconic bridge and the surrounding sites | $$$
  • SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE HELICOPTER TOUR | Go way up with this high flying tourist attraction | $$$
  • COLOSSUS DANCE SHOW | Live performance is taken to the next level with this massive modern dance troupe | $
  • SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE | See what’s on while you’re in Sydney at one of the world’s most iconic venues | $$$
  • BANGARRA DANCE THEATRE | Traditional aboriginal dance finds adoring audiences here | $$$
  • LIFE THE SHOW | A cabaret, a musical, a burlesque performance all add up to a night of fun | $$$
  • BIG TEA POT | Become a tea connoisseur at this hub in the Maokong mountains | $
  • SHI YANG | Serenity meets all five senses at this lush and remote tea house | $$$
  • WOOBAR | Get comfy next to your cocktails at this library style bar | $
  • CRAFT BEER CAFE | The name says it all at this super stocked beer bar | $
  • YEN BAR, W TAIPEI | One of the most beautiful bars in the city serves up stiff drinks with a view | $$$
  • KAVALAN DISTILLERY | Make your own whiskey after touring this local distillery | $$$
  • WAT BAR | Scope out the shop then slide on through to a cozy speakeasy bar | $$$
  • FRANK TAIPEI | A hotspot with a city view, come here to cheers to the night | $$$
  • OOPSY DAISY GARDEN | Zip past a Japanese restaurant to find a vibey tropical cocktail bar upstairs | $$$
  • MOD PUBLIC BAR | Part whiskey bar, part dive bar with a lively atmosphere | $, $$$
  • CASH BOX PARTY WORLD (KARAOKE) | A 24-hour karaoke castle with late night food always on order | $$$
  • BAR PUN | The ultimate speakeasy with a dressed up marble interior | $$$
  • CÉ LA VI | A glass enclosed, DJ-spun dance party with cocktails and city views | $$$

  • Support fundraising efforts in Taipei and beyond

    A donation of any size can go a long way to helping those on the frontlines and the people hardest hit by the impact of COVID-19. Here are a few ways to help:





    About travel and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 crisis has affected all of us, and the travel and hospitality industries that make experiences like the ones seen in this show possible have been devastated.

    While we may have to wait to visit Taipei, we hope this project helps you plan for a future when the city is back on its feet.

    For up to date travel advisories for residents of the US, visit the US State Department website. Those in other countries should consult with their local travel authority before traveling.