Customize and Craft the Best Chicken Wings

Is any Superbowl party or cookout complete without chicken wings?

In our Interactive Tasty recipe above you can use Walmart ingredients to put your own spin on this game day favorite, building a creative chicken wings combo completely customized to your tastes. Do you prefer your wings baked or fried? What about the dipping sauce – ranch or blue cheese? There’s no need to debate, this time it’s completely your call.

Show us your chicken wings masterpiece and we’ll give you the recipe so you can make it at home. It’s a fast and fun way to learn to cook while giving it your own personal spin, Walmart DIY style.

Did you know nearly 60% of Americans buy their groceries from Walmart? They offer a huge range of groceries on, as well as new Same Day and Next Day delivery options rolling out across the US.

Everyone makes their Interactive Tasty chicken wings recipe differently. Choose from all 16 interactive recipes of this mouth-watering wing wonder – which one will you discover?

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