Warning: watching our interactive Cook Together videos will teach you professional chef skills and could result in a surge of dinner parties.You might be thinking. Isn’t cooking already interactive? Don’t I interact with the ingredients — or at least punch some buttons on the microwave when I warm up my leftover takeout?Well, technically, yes. But what if we told you that eko can put a professional chef in your kitchen, teaching you cooking tips, tricks and new techniques every step of the way with our new interactive Cook Together series?Too good to be true?Case in point: here’s professional chef and founder of New York’s famous The Meatball Shop Daniel Holzman sharing his secrets on how to create the perfect meatball, at your pace and at your skill level.Because here’s the thing: when you have chefs like Brooke Williamson and Nyesha Arrington coaching you from your countertop, you aren’t following a recipe, you’re following the best in the business. 

So how does Cook Together work?

 Step 1: Customize your creationWe start each recipe with prompts that allow you to customize your dish with different ingredients. Vegetarian and want to make a meatball? No problem. Gluten free but want to get down with pasta primavera? We’ve got you.Essentially, our interactive cooking customizable features allow you to pick and choose your cooking experience, rather than sticking to a rigid recipe like most online options. Step 2: Control in the kitchenTraditional how-to cooking videos move from step to step before you can say bon appétit. Interactive Cook Together videos prompt you with questions and options throughout each step so that you can avoid getting grease on your screen. Say sayonara to incessantly hitting the spacebar. Step 3: Seeing is believingWhen reading a recipe off of a computer screen or following along with Julia Child, it’s tricky to see what’s actually happening in the kitchen. Our Cook Together series includes an in-depth description, close-up shots, and quick side tutorials showing you how to prepare like the pros.Check out how to properly chop garlic for proof.Step 4: Personalize the final productWhen it comes to your taste buds, culinary concoctions are not one-size-fits-all. Save your personalized step-by-step recipe so that you can remake at your heart’s desire.