There might not be a fairy godmother of Instagram, but you can always turn to one of the leaders of content creation Naomi Davis for inspiration. The NYC-based Mommy Blogger is most known for her website Love Taza and her adorable, fun-loving Love Taza Instagram (@Taza).

If you’re looking to boost your social media presence, follow these 7 tips for creating engaging, fun content for Instagram and beyond.

#1: Tell a Story


While the classic opening line “Once Upon a Time” may be a bit tired, it is important to grab your audience’s attention and keep them wanting more. The first key to creating great content is inviting the user on a journey that is memorable and captivating. Naomi, one of our favorite @insta content creators, showcases the principle that storytelling is essential.

#2: Show Your Subject at their Best


Naomi’s secret to capturing great photos is to make the subject glow—literally! You should always aim to portray your subject in a way that highlights their best qualities.

If your best friend has a smile that can light up New York City, post a photo that has them cheesin’. If you want to post something more mysterious, go for a shot with the classic smize, and if you need a tip Gisele Bündchen’s secret is to pretend you have a quarter in between your top and bottom teeth.

#3: Ditch the Nikon for a Camera Phone


Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Odds are you won’t be able to predict when the “perfect shot” will strike, so it’s important to use a camera that fits your lifestyle. Most Millennials and Gen Z’ers live fast-paced, on-the-go lives. Leave the clunky camera at home and embrace the camera phone. No matter the brand, the quality of photos captured on mobile devices has come a long way since the flip phone of the early 2000s.

#4: Being Candid Works


Let’s be honest, the most exciting pictures on Instagram are action shots. In Naomi’s words, “candid photos capture special moments in a really fun way!” Naomi’s special tip is to use the burst feature so you can grab all of the action at once. That way, you can catch that one photo with everyone’s eyes open!

#5: The More the Better


Mix up your social media feed by posting a carousel of photos this week. Create a draft of your next posts and play around with order. What looks best to your eye?

On websites, using a variety of photo sizes can easily spice things up. Design a layout that compares different perspectives of your story. Think back to Naomi’s Tip #1: Tell a Story. Figure out the best way to share your message within your content creation and run with it!

#6: Pick a Theme


Naomi suggests choosing an “anchor photo” that sets the tone of your mini-album and embodies a central theme. This is the most important choice you will make!

One of the biggest rookie mistakes is choosing the wrong “anchor photo.” This will confuse your audience and could cost you followers. Remember, it’s important to think about the big picture (get it?)

#7: Enhance the Shot


Aesthetics are everything. Go beyond adding a filter and play around with editing tools. Naomi’s goal is to make the photos come alive with a few editorial tweaks. It’s pretty easy to adjust lighting and make subtle colors pop.

If you’re posting multiple photos, look for color patterns. This will make the overall display more visually appealing and it won’t overwhelm the audience.

A picture is really worth a thousand words, so use them to say everything and more. Naomi’s 7 tips will charm your audience and keep them engaged with your content.

To learn more social media and content creation tips from Naomi, watch her Create with Me series.