Create With Me:
Meet Naomi Davis of Love Taza

Established as a way to share wedding photos with family and friends, Love Taza, was created by Naomi Davis in 2007. Over the past decade, the website has transformed into a blogging empire that inspires people everywhere.

Naomi gives advices on how to wrangle the kids (she has 5 little ones!), plan fun adventures for the family, organize a hectic household, and even fashion advice. The blog’s comprehensive NYC Guide has become a popular cornerstone of Love Taza, and is the perfect way to find fun, Instagram-able ideas for a trip to the city.

This year, Naomi partnered with eko to make the interactive series, Create with Me. The rockstar mom shares her best tips on storytelling, fashion, photography, and design, but ultimately gives you the power of choice. Follow Naomi through a typical day and learn how YOU can make memorable content.

Naomi Davis' Interactive Videos

01. Share Your Story with Me

About 4 Minutes

Learn about your parenting style in this sweet introduction to Naomi and Love Taza.

02. Get Ready with Me

About 3 Minutes

Take this style quiz to explore how your fashion choices match your personality.

03. Take Photos with Me

About 4 Minutes

Naomi shares her best tips for capturing the best shot every time.

04. Build a Gallery Wall with Me

About 3 Minutes

Play around with layout, photo editing, and composition in this interactive video with Naomi.

About Naomi Davis

Naomi Davis is the classic girl next door whose beaming smile is infectious. In addition to caring for her 5 children, Naomi manages Love Taza, a favorite for NYC mommy bloggers. The purpose of the blog is to share her family’s adventures through the Big Apple and beyond.

Naomi (also known as Taza) met her husband Josh during college when she attended The Julliard School. A beautiful romance sparked from friendship, and they were married before she even graduated school. In fact, Josh is the genius behind her adorable nickname, Taza! With a background in finance, Josh and Naomi co-founded Pippit, an app that creates a merged newsfeed so that you can follow all of your favorite blogs in one platform. For bloggers, the app simplifies the content creation process and offers an easy way to track engagement within their audience.

Could You Become a Mommy Blogger?

The first mommy bloggers appeared online in 2002 and have since evolved into an $11 billion industry. The common theme for all mommy bloggers is authenticity and a communal desire to give your kids the best opportunities available. Mommy bloggers exist in niche markets, including fitness, DIY/crafting, interior design, and fashion. Many blogs, including Love Taza, are a fusion of these communities.

Beyond their own experiences, mommy bloggers have taken inspiration from celebrities including Jessica Alba, @JessicaAlba and her business, The Honest Company. A mom herself, Jessica is the essence of her target market and her advice is unapologetically candid and sincere. Chrissy Teigen, @ChrissyTeigen as we have come to know and love has become a favorite in the mommy blogger community for her hilarious, brutally honest confessions on social media. She always has a clever, witty response to the haters and sets a strong example for moms everywhere. Mommy bloggers have followed in their footsteps by continuing to offer trustworthy advice—because family life will always be an important part of our culture.

To join the conversation and follow Naomi’s story, check out her social media profiles on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Create with Me

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