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Are you ready for the most incredible quiz experience of your ENTIRE LIFE?!?! Yeah, believe the hype! When our powers combine, we deliver nothing short of interactive quiz excellence. We’re waiting on bated breath to see your results, and if they are especially spot-on, give ‘em a share!


Design Your Perfect Man

About 5 Minutes

Do you like a sharp dressed man? Or a hipster guy? Get ready to design the man of your dreams.

Make it Fancy: Design Your Own Poutine

About 4 Minutes

In this interactive episode of Make It Fancy, you get to help Rie make poutine totally gourmet.

Create A Red Carpet Look to Find Out What You’d Be Famous For

About 10 Minutes

Are you meant for the movies? Create a red carpet look, and we’ll tell you what you’d be famous for.

Get These Trivia Questions Right or We Won’t Pet This Cute Pupper

About 7 minutes

There’s never been more at stake: If you don’t answer these trivia questions right, this good dog won’t get pets. Can you handle it?

What’s Your Reality Show Archetype?

About 5 Minutes

Find out who you would be in the ultimate make-believe reality show house!

Choose A Fab Night Out Look To Reveal Your Party Persona!

About 4 Minutes

Time to turn up!!! Style a look that’s nothing short of litty (according to you)!

Can You Survive A Day In Gen Z High School?

About 4 Minutes

Even if you’re not under 18, you might be able to pass with the right know-how!

Build the Ideal First Date Look For A Fun Surprise

About 6 Minutes

Casual or fancy? Bowling or dinner? So many choices, but only one first date!

Build A Spooktastic Halloween Glam Makeup Look

About 6 Minutes

Tap into your spooky self and create your very own stunning Halloween look! *cue evil laugh*

Sprinkles Is Lost!

About 8 Minutes

Cuppy wakes up to find her cat Sprinkles is missing! Put on your investigation cap, search for clues, and find Sprinkles before it’s too late!

Tell Us How You’d React In These Awkward Situations And We’ll Tell You Your Best Quality!

About 4 Minutes

Prepare to cringe!! Survive these awkward situations and then we’ll say something nice about you.

Are You a Good Listener?

About 4 Minutes

Hark! Lend me your ears! Put your listening skills to the ultimate test… now!

Get Through This Wedding Quiz and We’ll Tell You When You’ll Get Married!

About 4 Minutes

Are you hearing wedding bells or… nah? This wedding quiz will determine if you’re wedding-ready!

Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse and We’ll Tell You if You Survive

About 6 Minutes

Can you protect your brains with a bunch of zombies running around?? Let’s hope so!

Tell Us What You’d Do At a Party and We’ll Guess Your Age!

About 2 Minutes

There ain’t no party like a quiz party cuz a quiz party tells you the truth!!!

What Kind of Dog Are You? Answer These Personality Questions to Find Out!

About 2 Minutes

Finally discover your inner canine! We won’t even make you bark for it!

THIS IS TOO HARD! WWYD in These Situations? Eat Your Pet or Kill Your BFF???

About 5 Minutes

A cruel game of “would you rather” straight from hell!!!! How will you survive??

Immersive Tarot Reading

About 4 Minutes

Light some sage and breathe deeeeep — we’ve got the perfect check-up for your soul.

Ramen – You Know You Want It

About 4 Minutes

Filmed at NYC’s Jun-Men Ramen, this will let you live out your ramen dreams!!

Tell Us How You Pronounce These Words and We’ll Tell You Where You’re From!

About 2 Minutes

Linguistics, baybayyy! Give us your words and we’ll blow your mind with our results!

Do YOU Know What’s Healthy?

About 2 Minutes

Put your money where your mouth is — nail this quiz and prove that you’re healthy!

Help Pickles Get from Santa Monica to Silverlake!!

About 3 Minutes

A bladder that’s ready to burst but no litter box?? Quick, get Pickles home ASAP!

Create A Party Look and We’ll Tell You What Kind of BAD@$$ Career You Should Have!

About 1 Minute

How you dress up your face *CAN* determine an entire career. See for yourself!!

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