Start Drooling Over These Insta-Worthy DIY Picture Frame Ideas!

For some of us in the world — *coughcoughGenZcough* — it’s hard to remember a time when someone clicked a camera and then you had to wait hours, sometimes days, to see the dang picture. Then, if you wanted to share that pic with your adoring public, you would have to buy a physical picture frame to display it in. The mere thought of all that work probably has you exhausted…and weirdly grateful for social media?

It’s true that most people now take pictures with their newfangled computer phones instead of film cameras, but that means that there are now plenty of lonely picture frames just begging to be repurposed (we can’t hear their cries because they’re at a much higher frequency, but dogs can!). However, that hasn’t stopped your Aunt Jeannie from buying them for you, so you probably still have one floating around with random children inside it staring back at you.

So, why not turn your sweet, forsaken frame into something you can actually use today? You’d be surprised how simple it is to transform a simple DIY picture frame into a work of art! Okay, no, we’re not promising you a car or a robot or whatever Transformers are (aliens!?!?), but here are some ideas pulled straight from this Make or Break episode that could get you inspired to create something completely off the wall!

Jewelry Organizer Tray

There are few things more harrowing than losing a single earring or your grandma’s priceless diamond ring. But, if you had a nifty, handmade jewelry organizer tray, your chances of becoming a huge disappointment to your Nana drop significantly! Plus, when you make it yourself, you can customize it to whatever pieces of bling you need it for. Curated AND upcycled! Nana would be proud.

Wooden Candle Lantern

Candles have the power to set a sexy, warm mood and a large, very hot fire. We don’t mean to bum you out, but we’re still dealing with LIVE FLAMES at the end of the day. A great way to prevent your home from a becoming a bummer situation is to keep your candles in a fabulous lantern. Turn that picture frame into a safe vessel for sexy, sexy candles, and we promise you won’t regret it! 😉

Kitchen Herb Garden

You could say that herb gardens are the spice of life, and you would literally be correct! There are so many you can grow right in your kitchen, like mint, thyme, basil, or, if you really wanna get weird, St. John’s wort. We’d like to think that, if you used an old frame to create the foundation for your wee little plants, you would have a picture-perfect garden (get it?? GET IT??).

Floating Illuminated Bookshelf

Why do we keep books on shelves in our home? That’s right, to make people think that we are smart. But what if this bookshelf FLOATED and also LIT UP? Pshhh, move over, Einstein, cuz there’s a new genius in town! Wait, AND the bookshelf was made out of recycled materials?? Somebody get this person a Nobel Peace Prize, quick!! (We can’t guarantee that your friends will be this impressed, but just know that we definitely will be.)

Chalkboard Storage Cabinet

You probably haven’t participated in any sidewalk chalk art in years (or decades), and you probably have experienced some form of chalk withdrawal because of it. They thought dry erase markers could replace that signature smell and textured feel of chalk, but oh no, they were so, so wrong. We know you’re jonesin’, so get your fix with an upcycled storage cabinet that also has a chalkboard! Your inner child will be most pleased.

Geometric Wall Clock

Honestly, your phone and computer could use a break. Stop wasting precious battery life by checking the time every 5 minutes and get yourself a wall clock! Make it cool and geometric while you’re at it! It’s wall art that’s also extremely functional and energy-efficient! It’ll be especially handy once your smart electronics die and you need to confirm that you’re running late for… (sigh) everything.

Make or Break

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