Episodes Creators
Danny Diaz

Danny is an award-winning writer and director based in Denver, Colorado. He produces short films and documentaries, most recently his interactive love story, The Reunion was a fun opportunity to showcase his unique brand of “super dramatic” comedy and multilayered storytelling abilities.

Chief Editor
Taylor Widmann

Taylor brings a fresh take on the interactive genre, as a senior development editor at High Noon Entertainment his extensive experience and broad resume allows for innovation and creativity. His ability to find the story within the story is a main factor in the success of The Reunion.

Lead Actor
Marty Lindsey

Marty has worked in the industry for over 20 years and recently has appeared on network shows Better Call Saul and The Night Shift. His recent feature credits include Sicario, and Outlaws & Angels. He brings a rare sense of comedic timing to The Reunion along with some unforgettable improvised moments.

Director of Photography
Nick Bruso

To Nick, the art of cinema is capturing the rawness of humanity while portraying the intricacies of life through amazing images. His talent can be seen all over the screen as he uncovers the true essence of the world of The Reunion.