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Inspiration Episodes (Cookshop)

The Challenge

Walmart has been building awareness of its fresh, healthy grocery options both in-store and online. Online grocery shopping, which surged exponentially during COVID-19 and remains at unprecedented levels, adds convenience but removes opportunities for in-store campaigns and in-person impulse buys. With customers stuck at home and in need of fresh, healthy, and ideas for meals, Walmart set out to find a solution that would improve their grocery experience, delight consumers, and help recreate the best of in-store shopping.

The eko Solution

To meet this challenge, eko proposed Cookshop by Walmart, a multi-faceted slate of Inspiration Episodes. This digital entertainment hub highlighted Walmart’s grocery offerings, and provided inspiration for new recipes.


Cookshop by Walmart is a content-to-commerce experience that combines the best parts of in-store shopping with premium, interactive entertainment, and the convenience of online ordering. In every Inspiration Episode, users can shop, learn, and replay multiple times, with thousands of possible recipe iterations and shoppability, each one focused on meeting customer needs for healthy, simple choices.

The Results

  • 8.7%

    CTR compared to 0.11-2.4% industry standard

  • +47%

    increased perception of Walmart as the place to buy kitchen and cooking supplies

  • +27%

    increased perception of Walmart as the place to buy healthy food

  • +21%

    increased likelihood of shopping at Walmart for groceries

Cookshop’s entertaining, inspiring, and shoppable episodes have had an 8.7% average CTR, compared to an industry where a 2.4% click-through is considered extremely high. Experiencing Cookshop also showed a dramatic effect on customer mindshare. In an online survey,* it caused a 21% increase in shoppers who will definitely shop at Walmart for groceries, and simultaneously led to a 28-30% decrease for two of the top grocery chains in the US, proving that shoppers who experience Cookshop are both more likely to shop at Walmart and less likely to shop at competitor stores. The halo effect of the experience also led to a 13% increase in brand love from respondents after playing through Cookshop.


(*of 600+ 25-45 year olds who like to cook, with an equal distribution across the US representative of the US population)

“Customers want to be inspired with new meal ideas, but they also have a real need to save time. Walmart Cookshop helps them do just that with fun interactive technology that allows customers to customize easy solutions for their family’s needs. In a few clicks, they can order on Walmart for pick up or delivery. Through our partnership with eko we are helping make the meal journey easier and faster–from inspiration to table!”

—Adrienne Sapp, Director of Category Marketing, Walmart

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