How savvy brands eko-fied their product pages to prepare for BFCM

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Mary Beth Wilson

Nov 14, 2023

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With the busiest shopping season of the year just around the corner, eCommerce brands are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM). But the preparation game extends far beyond promotions and discounts—it's time to make sure your product visuals steal the spotlight. 78% of consumers want products to be brought to life with images, and 76% say they’ve purchased a product after seeing a video. 

From high-quality images to immersive experiences, the way products are showcased can help brands stand out in a competitive online marketplace, engage customers, and drive unprecedented success during the holiday shopping frenzy. 

The Power of eko’s Interactive Experiences

What’s changing the game for savvy brands like Mattel, Keurig, and Lego on Walmart and Sam’s Club this year is the power of interactive experiences on their product detail pages (PDPs). In a bid to captivate and convert shoppers during BFCM, they’re embracing cutting-edge strategies that transform their PDPs into engaging, immersive spaces. 

Mattel’s interactive experiences give online shoppers 360 views and detailed descriptions of the outfit, hair, and accessories on the Barbie Movie Barbie Doll. Plus, you can zoom in for a closer look.

Customers want to see, engage, and experience products before making a purchase decision. High-quality images are the baseline, but the real game-changer is interactive content. eko’s interactive videos let online shoppers explore products comprehensively without leaving the PDP. As the hero image, these videos make a massive impact—with the click of a button, they provide an immersive experience that offers a detailed view of a product’s features and dimensions—instantly answering the customer’s questions and concerns and eliminating the need for other platforms or in-store visits.

Hart’s interactive product experience lets customers explore different ratchets, sockets, other tools included, as well as product features like details about the chrome finish and info about the storage case.

Increase Conversion Rates

Interactive visuals can boost conversion rates significantly. When customers can engage with products in a more dynamic way, it instills confidence and reduces the hesitation that often leads to abandoned shopping carts. As you prepare for the shopping frenzy, remember that the more interactive and engaging your product visuals are, the higher the likelihood of turning browsers into buyers.

Member’s Mark highlights important features, from every angle, about their 11-piece cookware set, giving customers a closer look at their ceramic, non-toxic interiors, aluminum construction, aluminum lids, and stainless steal handles.

Stand out from the crowd

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just about offering the best deals—they're about capturing consumer attention amidst the digital chaos. Interactive experiences set your brand apart, creating a memorable and enjoyable shopping journey. Allowing customers to explore key product features, benefits, and usage in an immersive way will set your brand apart in the crowded digital marketplace.

Online shoppers can enjoy an up-close view of this 100-stem rose bouquet and vase. 360 views showcase the flowers, the glass vase, and even include details about where the roses came from.

Next steps

As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy approaches, your product visuals play a crucial role in capturing consumer attention and driving sales. Brands who elevate their e-commerce strategy by going beyond static images and embracing interactive experiences will stand out, engage, and convert with product visuals that captivate and reassure hesitant online shoppers.

Want to see eko in action?

Learn how eko's Platform boosts shopping experiences with interactive media assets

Want to see eko in action?

Learn how eko's Platform boosts shopping experiences with interactive media assets

Want to see eko in action?

Learn how eko's Platform boosts shopping experiences with interactive media assets