Shuttle Your Buyers Towards Improved Conversions: 4 Digital Sales Tips to Optimize 'Add to Cart'

Written by:

Amit Gutin

Sep 26, 2023

5 min Read

Buyer journeys are like voyages, with customers navigating towards their ultimate destination — a successful purchase. In the digital age, the dynamics of this journey have evolved. Customers now take the lead in the online shopping experience. They choose which platforms to use, what resources to access, and when they're ready to interact with brands online and offline. 

The role of brands in this journey is to provide a clear roadmap — to manage the navigation and ensure customers can reach their destination swiftly and effortlessly. The smoother the buying experience is, the quicker the journey leads to a completed transaction.

So, how do brands facilitate this seamless shopping experience?

By utilizing product visuals like images, 360 videos, and interactive videos, along with artificial intelligence (AI), you can offer your customers a quick way to learn about and understand your product. This can boost your add-to-cart rates, drive more conversions, and subsequently increase revenue.

What is the Add-to-Cart Rate?

The add-to-cart rate is essentially the pulse of your eCommerce site, reflecting what percentage of visitors are intrigued enough to place a product into their shopping cart. It's a great barometer of your product's allure, your site's usability, and the success of your marketing campaigns. 

To compute your add-to-cart rate, simply determine a period, then divide the sessions with an added product by the total sessions. Multiply by 100 for the percentage, and there's your rate. Here’s the formula: (Cart-add sessions) / (Total sessions).

An optimal add-to-cart rate varies depending on your industry and other variables. However, eCommerce experts suggest that an average rate ranges from 3 - 4%. An impressive rate, exceeding the average, typically falls between 8 - 10%. If your business achieves this, you're on the right track.

Here’s a look at the add-to-cart conversion rates of the top industries:

Four Strategies to Improve Your Add-to-Cart Rate Performance

Enhance product pages with interactive videos & AI-generated content

Even though the journey to a successful purchase has grown more complex with numerous decision factors, shoppers aren't spending more time engaging directly with brands. On reaching a product detail page (PDP), customers should not have to sift through redundant product information to learn about your products.

Customers desire a swift understanding of your product's features and benefits. A quick and effective solution is the integration of interactive videos, enabling consumers to delve into and learn about the product. Utilizing AI content generation tools can assist in generating pertinent product titles and descriptions, helping shoppers quickly grasp how it meets their needs. This can be seamlessly incorporated into the PDP, ensuring a smooth and informative shopping experience.

Employ scarcity and urgency tactics 

Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity can prompt action. To boost your add-to-cart rate, consider applying these tactics to your product pages. You could display a timer indicating a looming price increase or a dwindling stock count. Highlighting immediate benefits, like free shipping or exclusive discounts, can also be effective. Use these techniques judiciously to encourage cart additions.

Display customer testimonials 

Finally, positive experiences from others can sway a potential buyer's decision. This is the impact of social validation. Make sure to showcase customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings on your product pages. Highlight the number of purchases made or display visuals of customers using the product. These are all great ways to build social proof and enhance customer trust in your products, potentially leading to an increase in sales.

Use exit Intent pop-ups 

Pop-up exit intent ads can be a very effective way to increase your add-to-cart rate because you're essentially giving your visitors a last-minute offer before they exit your eCommerce site. Although pop-ups are commonplace and not seen as disruptive. These pop-ups can Encourage purchases by offering incentives like discounts or free shipping on cart additions. Alternatively, sharing helpful product details could influence their buying decision.

Final Thoughts

Boosting your add-to-cart rate can be as simple as a few slight modifications. By applying these tips and observing their effect on your conversion metrics, you'll be able to discover the optimal approach for your shop and clientele. Also, don't miss our "Cheat Sheet: 40 Product Detail Pages Tips for 2023" for straightforward ways to enhance your product pages for superior outcomes.