What’s the Difference Between 360 and Interactive Product Videos?

Written by:

Mary Beth Wilson

Apr 10, 2024

4 min Read

When it comes to captivating and converting today’s savvy online shoppers, traditional static product imagery doesn’t always cut it. As brands scramble to find ways to replicate the tactile in-store experience, innovative product visuals that offer customers virtual hands-on engagement are becoming more of a necessity than a trend.

Interactive product videos and 360 images are at the forefront of this visual commerce revolution, and while both enhance the digital shopping journey, they serve different purposes and offer unique benefits. Let’s explore the differences between the two and how choosing the appropriate format can significantly elevate both your product pages and brand presence.

360 and 3D Product Videos

360 and 3D videos offer a panoramic view of a product, allowing shoppers to spin the image around and see the product from multiple angles. The beauty of 360/3D videos lies in their simplicity and the autonomy they offer shoppers. Customers can control the viewing angle, but the interaction is generally limited to rotation and zooming. It's a passive form of engagement, yet can be helpful in reducing the imagination gap between the online image and the physical product.

Interactive Product Videos

Interactive product videos, on the other hand, are the storytelling maestros of the ecommerce world. They don't just show the product—they bring it to life. Interactive videos invite customers to engage hands-on with your products so they can thoroughly explore details and key features. Users can click, watch, listen, and learn through an immersive journey that reveals more information and features as the viewer interacts with the content.

This active form of engagement turns passive viewers into participants, creating a memorable and fun shopping experience that can significantly boost conversion rates. Interactive videos excel in showcasing complex products or items with multiple features and uses, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the product's value. They empower brands to craft a compelling product narrative, vividly highlighting the benefits through hands-on experiences that captivate customers and bring the story to life.

Choosing the Right Product Visual for Your Brand

So, how do you decide whether 360 product visuals or interactive product videos are right for your D2C site? Consider your product's complexity, the story behind your brand, and the level of engagement you want to elicit from your customers to decide when it’s time to level up your product page.

Product Complexity

For products with intricate details or multiple functionalities, interactive videos can help break down information and highlight features effectively. On the other hand, 360/3D videos are good for products where visual aesthetics are key to the buying decision.

Brand Storytelling

If your brand has a compelling story or if you're looking to build an emotional connection, interactive videos offer the narrative depth to engage customers on a more personal level.

Deeper Customer Engagement 

Interactive videos invite shoppers to interact, engage, and experience products in action, keeping them on your site longer and increasing customer interest. If engagement is key, consider integrating interactive videos into your product detail pages. 

In-depth Analytics

If you're looking for deeper insights into how your customers shop your products, every click on an interactive video becomes a valuable source of information, refining your understanding of  customer preferences and interests so you can optimize your product gallery. 

Wrapping Up

While both 360 and interactive product videos enhance the ecommerce experience, the engaging nature of interactive videos makes them an unparalleled tool for brands looking to truly stand out. By offering an immersive, hands-on experience, interactive videos bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping and allow brands to build deeper connections with customers, encouraging exploration and driving conversions. If you're aiming to captivate today’s discerning online shoppers and give them a compelling reason to choose your products, embracing the power of interactive product videos is the way forward.

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